How does treatment for snoring work?

To prevent snoring issues, we provide our patients with a mandibular advancement prosthetic. The function is to lightly bring the jaw and tongue forward, allowing for free passage of air and preventing the sound of snoring and absence of breathing called obstructive apnea.

Treatment on how to stop snoring - Sakar Dental

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the procedure last?

In a single visit of approximately 40 minutes, the mandibular advancement prosthetic is designed, adjusted, and placed on the patient. After a period of 24 and 48 hours, the patient is examined to confirm the procedure’s efficacy.

How effective is the treatment?

A mandibular advancement prosthesis is effective 80% of the time.

Is prosthesis comfortable?

The prosthetic does not require surgical intervention, it is comfortable to use, and its placement is easy and simple.

When must I use a prosthesis?

It must be put on every night before you go to bed.


  • With our patients’ approval, we use conscious sedation so they don’t lose consciousness and remain reactive without any inconvenience.
  • The procedure is done by a specialist with 35 years of experience.

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