Some success stories at Sakar Dental

“I was referred by another dentist, now my family also comes here. I recommended them to Sakar Dental”

– Jose Albarran

“Thanks to the flexibility of time, I have been able to continue my periodontics treatment.”

– Gabriela Burciaga

“Thanks to the snoring guard, I can rest much better without a major intervention.”

– Andres Fuentes

“Not only did they rebuild my mouth, they made it more effective than it was.”

– Claudia Magos

“I regained my self-confidence. I can now smile, talk and approach people.”

– Cesar Saldaña

“Here they can solve the whole problem without having to go elsewhere to do part of the procedure.”

– Maria Isabel Silva

“I have been coming to Sakar Dental more or less for 35 years.”

– Paloma Lopez

“After my treatment, I felt very happy.”

– Maria Guadalupe

“Now with the veneers that I placed I feel very safe.”

– Leonardo Ferre

“With the treatment my teeth are now beautiful.

– Hector Rubio

“Honestly, I would not change dentists.”

– Carla Espinoza

“My entire family visits Sakar Dental, my husband, mi daughter and me.”

– Rocio Monroy

“Very happy with all the team who are very attentive and very kind”

– Edilma Mediondo

¡All specialties in one single clinic!

* Warranty subject to 2 yearly check-ups and cleaning