Smile design

What is a smile design?

Smile design is a set of procedures that change the color, size, shape and position of the teeth to give the smile a more harmonious appearance.

Technological advances in dentistry make it possible for anyone to have perfect teeth, since it is possible to remedy dental problems and restore confidence when smiling, talking and eating.

Dr. Alfredo Sakar talks about smile design

Diseño de sonrisa en Sakar Dental

Functional and aesthetic benefits of smile design

Correct the bite

By correcting bite problems, chewing problems are eliminated and digestion can even be improved.

Improves the position of the teeth

The smile design improves dental alignment problems, which facilitates proper hygiene.

Whiter teeth

Corrects the yellowing or stains on the teeth that have arisen from consuming foods that stain your teeth, smoking or simply the passing of time.

Important aesthetic benefits

  • Talk, eat and smile confidently
  • Dental symmetry
  • Younger appearance
  • Increased self-esteem

Restores the lip muscles

If it is necessary to place an implant for a missing tooth, in addition to improving the appearance, the wrinkles that form around the mouth due to the space that exist are also reduced.

Facilitates better hygiene

By correcting the position of the teeth, the food buildup is reduced by facilitating brushing and flossing.

Diseño de sonrisa y sus beneficios

Frequently asked question about smile design

What are the first steps in smile design?

  1. You will have an evaluation appointment so that you can explain to us why you want to undergo the treatment and what results you expect.
  2. We will do a periodontal check-up and take X-rays to evaluate the condition of your teeth and gums to detect cavities, infections or other conditions and remedy them before starting treatment.
  3. We will take photographs of your face and smile to make a computerized design of the final result, assessing:
  • Shape of your face
  • Size of your mouth and lips
  • Alignment of your nose
  • Position of your teeth and gums
  • Color of your eyes
  • Skin tone
  • Age
  1. Then we will make a mold of your teeth to carry out a wax-up in the laboratory, in which we will make the modifications of the computerized design so that you can see how your new smile will look, and you can tell us if you like it or want to refine details.
  2. Once you agree, and it is clear to you what modifications we will make to your teeth, you will be directed to the various specialists who make up Sakar Dental for the treatments you require.

Types of smile design

The smile design varies according to your needs. There are two types:

Non-invasive smile design

Non-invasive smile designs are those that do not involve processes that take a long period of time, but considerably improve the appearance of the smile. These include treatments such as teeth whitening or veneers.

Complex smile design

A complex smile design can be a treatment that needs orthodontics (which can last from 12 to 18 months), dental implants, dental prostheses or a gingivioplasty. It can even involve the combination of several treatments, and that is a complete modification of the smile.



Diseño de sonrisa en Sakar Dental

Factors that are taken into account when performing a smile design

Smile line

It is the curve that runs along the edges of the upper teeth and indicates how much teeth are visible when smiling.

Gum margins

The exposure of the gum depends on the distribution and shape of the teeth. It is usually sought that the canines are at the same height as the central teeth, but this varies in each case.

Dental geography

The size, shape and position of the teeth are assessed to correct possible misalignment of the teeth. The color is also analyzed to lighten the tone of the teeth if necessary.

Lip configuration

The shape of the lips is essential to achieve a harmonious smile, since people notice the lips more than any other feature of the face.

Teeth-lip and teeth-face harmony

The perfection of the smile also involves the size of the teeth. Their size should be adequate to the size of the lips and favor the shape of the face. Teeth, lips and face should complement each other in a harmonious way.

Qualities of a smile design specialist

Specialty in aesthetic dentistry

It is essential that the dentists involved in the process are specialists in their field and consider all aspects of cosmetic dentistry.

Proven experience

The specialist must have a background that supports his/her proficiency in this type of procedures. This way, he/she will generate trust, and you will know that your ideal smile is in good hands. One way to corroborate the experience is through patient testimonials and word of mouth. They are an excellent way to find out what their experience was like.

Credentials and certification for smile design

In addition to the recommendations, the certifications are a great advantage for specialists since they demonstrate their commitment to stay at the forefront and ratify their quality even at an international level.

Diseño de sonrisa en Sakar Dental

Sakar Dental advantage on smile design

  • At the patient’s consideration, we use conscious sedation, that is, our patients do not lose consciousness and remain reactive but without any discomfort.
  • We have a specialist in dental veneers with 40 years of experience.
  • At Sakar Dental we are members of the American Dental Association and the Mexican Dental Association and our specialists are certified by their respective dental councils.
  • 5-year warranty on treatment. *

The only dental clinic in Mexico with the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification

We are members of the most highly recognized international dental associations.

¡All specialties in one single clinic!

* Warranty subject to 2 yearly check-ups and cleaning